When is the best time to visit Iceland?

One of the most common questions travelers have about Iceland is: When is the best time to visit Iceland? Majority of people think that Iceland is blistering cold. There’s no denying that Iceland is cold, but not as cold as you’d think.

Generally speaking, Iceland has cold, windy winters and cool summers. Each season brings something for visitors. So, there’s no good or bad time to visit Iceland.

If we talk about the winter season, which typically lasts from December to February, temperatures can hit as low as -30°C, especially in northern Iceland. Expect shorter days with a lot of snow and ice in winter.

Winter is a great time to visit Iceland mainly because it is not as crowded as it is in other seasons.

If you are interested in viewing the majestic Northern Lights in lceland, you should plan you trip between September and April. The best time to see them is February-March (spring) and September-October (autumn). Spring and autumn are pleasant and you can expect clear roads with some rain and long twilights. The temperature lies between 2 to 10°C.

The weather is mild and comfortable in summer. The snow has also melted by midsummer (June and July). Furthermore, you can expect longer days in the summer months. It doesn’t get dark in summertime. That being said, some places are crowded so make sure you book your trip in advance.

Rainfall occurs from October to February in Iceland. It’s lowest in May and June. The western and southern parts of Iceland receive the maximum amount of rainfall. However, Iceland’s weather can be a bit unpredictable. You should prepare yourself for the unexpected.

Make sure you have warm, comfortable clothes, even in summertime. Also, bring good quality shoes and a bathing suit. Boots are a must for the winter season. You will need a bathing suit for geothermal pools.

Another important consideration is to select the best Iceland tour packages. No matter when you plan to visit Iceland, planning a holiday is a major undertaking. It’s important to pick a holiday deal that suits your budget and needs.

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Northern Lights Classic Tour

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Northern Lights Classic Tour

Search for the rare and elusive northern lights (Aurora Borealis) in the skies around Reykjavík on this all time winter bestseller!

 7 Day Guided Ring Road Tour | Explore the Circle of Iceland

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7 Day Guided Ring Road Tour | Explore the Circle of Iceland

Join this 7 day adventure tour that takes you around Iceland to all the best-known wonders and some hidden pearls in an easy and uncrowded way. Included accommodation for 6 nights with breakfast.

 Buggy Original

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Buggy Original

This 1 hour guided Buggy tour is a unique way to enjoy Icelandic nature, yet starting

 Snorkeling Silfra & Horseback Riding Combo

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Snorkeling Silfra & Horseback Riding Combo

Between the 1st of April  and the 30th of September we offer the Snorkel Silfra &

 Panorama ATV Tour & Blue Lagoon

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Panorama ATV Tour & Blue Lagoon

Before the ATV tour starts, you will be picked up at your accommodation in Reykjavik by