beef. beef. beef.
"burned butter", pickled elderberry, smoked marrow
Culinary Reykjavík

With great simplification, one could say that the restaurant world of Iceland has two main characteristics.

Welcome to Ice Cream Land

Ice Cream Parlors – I bet you didn’t know that was a thing. I’m sure you’ll

Beer – A Love Story

  A Little History The history of beer in Iceland is short and stout (pun intended).

Springtime – Meet the Migratory Birds

The Birders This time of year, migratory birds start making their way north to mate, lay

Pompei of the North – The Heimaey Volcanic Eruption

I wrote a blog last week about a cluster of islands south of the mainland called

The Westman Islands – The Most Dramatic Place in Iceland

One of my favorite places in Iceland is a cluster of islands south of the mainland

Social Etiquette in Iceland

Although Icelandic nature seems like outer space to many travelers with its black sands and lava

Grocery Shopping in Iceland

When I travel I usually spend way too much time navigating my way through unfamiliar grocery

Alternative Museums and Insights

I wrote a blog a few weeks ago about museums in Reykjavík and it made me

Whales – My Favorite Mysteries

A friend of mine owns a house by the sea in Steingrímsfjörður, a beautiful tranquil heaven

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 Whales & Underworld Caving

From ISK

Easy 7 HOURS
Whales & Underworld Caving

This tour combines two fantastic adventures. After seeing the wonders that is the whales and birds

 South Coast and Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon – Two Day

From ISK

Very easy 2 DAYS
South Coast and Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon – Two Day

This overnight tour takes us to the extraordinary Glacier Lagoon Jokulsarlon. We explore many sights along the South Coast, and we go glacier hiking.

 Snorkeling and The Golden Circle

From ISK

Easy 9 HOURS
Snorkeling and The Golden Circle

How about starting the day with snorkeling Silfra, a freshwater fissure and then drive around beautiful Iceland? Then we recommend the combination of Snorkeling and Golden circle. You will have an adventure snorkeling and enjoy the scenarios of Þingvellir

Golden Cirlce Private
Very easy 2 HOURS
Golden Cirlce Private

This tour combines the spectacular aerial view of the famous Golden Circle and other highlights of

 Horses & Northern Lights by boat

From ISK

Very easy 6 HOURS
Horses & Northern Lights by boat

Enjoy riding the Icelandic horse during the day and the colourful Northern Lights in the evening