A Few of Our Favourite Delicatessens in Reykjavík

While we’re very proud of our fresh ingredients and product selection, you need to know a thing or two about where to shop for the finer things in life.

Hafberg – Fishmonger (Gnoðarvogur 44, 104 Reykjavík)

Fishmongers in Iceland are like bakeries in France: Back in the day, every little neighbourhood in Iceland had their own fishmongers. Since the rise of the supermarket empires and their increased variety of fresh food their numbers have definitely gone down but you’ll still find one in most neighbourhoods. None match Hafberg in their variety, freshness and that special personal touch every fishmongers must have. Ask for cooking directions, treat yourself to some real Icelandic fish and you won’t regret it.

Frulauga2Frú Lauga – Greengrocer (Laugalækur 6, 105 Reykjavík)

This small organic shop in Reykjavík quickly gathered something of a cult following. You can count on them to provide you with your organically grown vegetables, your fair trade chocolates and pork and poultry that lived out their supposedly happy lives, roaming around in plenty of outdoor space. Frú Lauga’s popularity isn’t just the latest trend of ideological hipsters, it also carved out its niche as a place where you can always find something special for your dinner table. Extra tip: get one of their reusable shopping bags with the hard bottom, they’re worth every króna.

buðinBúrið – Gourmet Cheese (Grandagarður 35, 101 Reykjavík)

Búrið or “The Pantry” is a gourmet cheese store in the old fishermen huts by the harbour, roughly 15 minutes from Ingólfstorg square in downtown Reykjavík. Their tagline “Best stink in town” can be asserted in the parking lot in front of the store but hazard in and you will most certainly walk out with something extra special for your guests tonight. Friendly service and an ambitious assortment make the stink more than worthwhile.

ÁTVR – Liquor (downtown store in Austurstræti 10a, 101 Reykjavík)

Icelanders would blush with embarrassment knowing that government-run liquor store ÁTVR made it to a list of delicatessens but there are a few good reasons for including this usually warehouse-like chain of stores. Reason no. 1 is that aside from bars and most restaurants, these stores are the only place in Iceland where you can buy alcohol. This is extremely important information because most of them close at 6 pm and if you plan on making a night of it you should know that the average price of a pint in a bar is 10 USD. Reason no. 2 is that their range of both wines and beers is actually really good. Although the government has a monopoly on alcohol-retail, Iceland is full of ambitious wine and liquor importers that make sure ÁTVR’s stock is both diverse and covers a wide price range. That said, we do recommend heavy drinkers filling their liquor quota in the duty-free store at the airport (there are posters with directions on the quota plastered all over the airport) to lessen the blow to their credit card.

Ready to visit Iceland, book a trip now and enjoy the favourite Delicatessens in Reykjavík.

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