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Private english speaking guide for 6 days including car.

Accommodation for 5 nights including breakfast. Accommodation are in guesthouse standard except the last night. Private high standard Icelandic vacation home.

Day 1. Reykjavik-Snæfellsnes Peninsula.

Pick up at airport/Reykjavík

We start our adventure by short sightseeing tour in Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland.

Then we head north towards the Snæfellsnes peninsula. On our way we have a lot of opportunities like visit the home of one of the most famous Icelandi Vikings, hike to one of Icelands most beautiful crater Eldborg, take a bath in one of Icelands geothermal natural pools outside in the wild, look at both golden and black beaches and drive up to the Snæfellsnes glacier where everyone can play in the snow… or not. We will also take a look at beautiful bird cliffs and visit a small cosy fishing villiage and a coffehouse down by the sea.

Our first accommodation is at guesthouse in Snæfellsnes.

Day 2. Snæfellsnes Peninsula-Hofsós

We start our day by driving to the north part of Snæfellsnes peninsula where we can find the heart of Icelandic industry, the classic fishing villages. From the peninsula we drive north east towards the town Hofsós. On our way we will have a lot of pearls to see like small canyon called Kolugljúfur and Hvítserkur, a beautiful standalone rock. We also have the opportunity to visit the seal museum in Hvammstangi.

Hofsós is a small town on the east part of Skagafjordur. Skagafjordur is amongst other things famous for Icelands best horses. From there you can see the islands Málmey and Drangey but Drangey is where one of Icelands most famous viking lived while in exhale.

In the evening we can take a bath in a newly built swimming pool where you have great opportunity to view Drangey and hopefully the evening sun.

Our accommodation is at a guesthouse in Hofsós.

Day 3. Hofsós-Möðrudalur

We head further north to the town called Siglufjordur. We’ll take a short sightseeing tour trough it and then head along to the biggest town in the North of Iceland, Akureyri. On our way to Akureyri we need to cross many tunnels, some old and some new. On that route we will see how isolated Icelanders lived in the old days. In Akureyri we can choose between nice restaurants for lunch and good coffe places.

From Akureyri we will head to Lake Mývatn with one stop at waterfall Goðafoss. We will spend some time at lake Mývatn where its a pearl. A lot of bird life, beautiful lava images, natural springs and calm athmosphere. Mývatn and its suroundings is one of our favorites spots in Iceland. From Lake Mývatn we will head to the most powerful waterfall in Europe, Dettifoss. An ugly but at the same time beautiful and powerful waterfall.

We’ll head further inland and be late at our accommodation in Möðrudalur, an old isolated church place furtherst of them all from the sea.

Day 4. Möðrudalur-Höfn

From Möðrudalur we will enjoy the raw Icelandic highlands a little better. Icelandic highlands at its greatest, raw, powerful, unique and beautiful.

We will stop in Sænautasel where we can have hot chocolate icelandic cakes in a turf house made by our ancestors. This is something.

Close to Sænautasel we will find Skessugarður – the Rampart of the two Giantesses, which has been called one of the most amazing natural formations in Iceland.

When we get closer to the sea we will hit the biggest town of the East fjords, Egilsstaðir. From Egilsstaðir we will take a look at the villages and the valleys at the East fjords. East fjords are known for its colorful and beautiful shaped mountains.

Our accommodation will be a guesthouse close to the village Höfn in the southeast part of Iceland.

Day 5. Höfn-Fljótshlíð

Wow… what a day this one will be.

We will start by looking at the Glacier Lagoon. The glacier lagoon is located in front of Icelands biggest outlet glacier, Breiðarmerkurjökull. The lagoon is also the deepest lake in Iceland. On the lagoon you will see the big icebergs floating and sometimes you´ll see it crush in to each other or rotate. Since the lagoon is so close to the sea we will most likely see some seals in it following their meals. It is optional to have a boat tour on the lagoon.

Our next stop is Skaftafell, Vatnajökuls national park. Glacier Vatnajökull is the biggest glacier in Europe. In Skaftafell we can take a short hike to the waterfall Svartifoss with its amazing surroundings, black lava columns. Being in Skaftafell in a good weather and a clear sky is one of the best. Its then you can experience the huge contrasts the nature has to offer when you have all the green landscape in Skaftafell with its white background.

From Skaftafell we will drive trough the villages Kirkjubæjarklaustur and Vík. Close to Vík we will go to Reynisfjara, a black beach with a basalt column cave.

Further we will take a look at two waterfalls, where we can hike to the top of one and walk behind the otherone.

This last night you will have a wonderful Icelandic vacation home with hut tub outside all by yourself.

Day 6. Fljótshlíð-Reykjavík.

On our last day together we will take the famous Golden Circle and Thingvellir the national park. First we will drive trough the agricultural village Flúðir on our way to the Golden waterfall. The Golden waterfall comes from the white river Hvítá, that comes from Langjökull, the seccond biggest glacier in Iceland. From there we will go to the Geysir area, where we can see Strokkur the active geyser wich blows on average every 5 minutes approx 25-40 meters high.

From Geysir we will go to Thingvellir, the national park where the Icelandi parliament was set in 930, just 55 years after Iceland was first occupied.

In Thingvellir we can go caving if you dare 🙂

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