The Puffins of Iceland: The Country’s Most Popular Birds

Around eight million puffins call Iceland their home. They arrive in pairs, making their landing on the Látrabjarg Cliffs, Hornstrandir’s Natural Reserve Park, and Hornbjarg. Other popular puffin haunts include the Breiðafjörður, Vestmannaeyjar or the Westman Islands, and Lundey, which is a puffin island with a population of more than 10,000 birds. However, not all puffins take well to humans staring and gawking at them.

If you want to meet and greet friendly puffins of Iceland, head over to Hælavíkurbjarg and Hornbjarg. The puffins there are more trusting towards onlookers because those locations do not harvest puffins. You can also visit the Hornstrandir National Reserve Park. For the puffins, the park is the ideal getaway. It is their home. You can even pet these adorable birds.

Here’s How You Can Get Close To Them

  • Crawl ever so slowly towards the puffins
  • Lift your hand to gently touch them
  • They may stare at you to see who has entered their personal bubble
  • In short, they will let you pet them once they have determined you as a friend

Pet away!

The Other Home of Puffins — the Westman Islands

Westman Islands is another notable location to visit in Iceland. In Westman Islands, you will come across a large population of puffins. Moreover, in Iceland, puffins are looked after with care, especially when it comes time for baby puffins to leave their burrows in Heimaey cliffs, part of Westman Islands.

The baby puffins use the light from the moon to navigate their way through the island, but the streetlights confuse them. Children then launch an operation called the Puffin Patrol to find the lost baby puffins and release them back into the sea at the end of summer.

Let’s Go See Some Puffins

Are you curious to see these wonderful and adorable birds? Puffins have become a crucial part of Iceland and the country along with its residents who do everything they can to ensure they stay safe. They have become a popular tourist attraction as well. Let’s step into the puffin territory to observe their stunning habit and the puffins that live in it, but first, some funny facts:

  • There is an 80 percent chance of a concealed puffin staring at you
  • Puffins have a rich vocabulary, but to the untrained ear, every word sounds like “caw”
  • Puffins take turns to pose for pictures
  • Never challenge a puffin to a staring contest because they will win every time

Book a flight to Iceland so you can see puffins. The birds are great company and they will greet you with “caws.” To see them, you can join one of the many tours we offer. We will take you to popular puffin destinations on Iceland.

In Iceland, Puffins are the real celebrity. They will gladly take a selfie with you and will be more than happy to pose for pictures. Book your tour with us today!

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