The Ultimate Packing List For Your ICELAND TOUR



Take a backpack so you can carry all the essentials like water bottles, beanies, sunglasses etc. with you at all times.

Good Shoes

You will have to walk a lot to explore different ti places, so wear comfy and travel-friendly shoes.


Iceland has beautiful sunny days, so don’t forget to take your sunglasses with you!


Taking a swimsuit is a must, because Iceland is the land of hot springs and warm pools.

Warm Clothing

You should pack your woolen sweaters, jackets and warm leg wear for outdoor activities.


Bringing a camera is a no-brainer as Iceland is breathtakingly beautiful. Keep an extra battery too for your camera.


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 Glacier Lagoon Expedition

From 345.900

Very easy 6 HOURS
Glacier Lagoon Expedition

Vatnajökull, Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon & much more You will always remember the day you got married,

 The mysterious Snæfellsnes National park

From 17.700

Very easy 11 HOURS
The mysterious Snæfellsnes National park

This tour is like going into a fairy tale. In Snæfellsnes you will find sheer sea cliffs, rough lava fields, small fishing villages and one of the three National parks in Iceland with the majestic and mysterious Snæfellsjokull in the middle. Jules Verne m

Riding Tour and Glacier Walk

From 31.900

Easy 12 HOURS
Riding Tour and Glacier Walk

This tour starts with a 1.5-2 hours riding tour in the spirit of the Vikings. Where

 Northern Lights Cruise

From 10.990

Very easy 2 HOURS
Northern Lights Cruise

Across the Northern hemisphere the vividly coloured Northern lights are one of nature‘s most spectacular phenomena.

 Wetsuit Snorkeling in Silfra

From 16.900

Easy 4 HOURS
Wetsuit Snorkeling in Silfra

Enjoy snorkeling in Iceland in wetsuit at one of the top dive sites in the world; Silfra. Adventurebox is the only tour company in Iceland offering snorkeling in wetsuit, and although it is a bit colder than drysuit and you will not regret this as you wil